Carefully Safeguarding Your Rights and Interests

Fort Lauderdale Marital Dissipation Of Assets Attorney

Facing a divorce can be a challenging time, especially when the fair division of assets comes into play. The family law attorney at Stuart N. House, P.A., understands the intricacies of property division and is committed to protecting your rights and interests from the damage of asset dissipation. With over 30 years of experience in family law, he has the dedication and accessibility you need during these trying times.

Understanding Asset Dissipation

Asset dissipation refers to the intentional waste or depletion of marital property that occurs either after the initiation of divorce proceedings or within two years prior. This can include overspending on travel, meals, gifts and other extravagances instead of living within the household’s means. Someone who is dissipating assets generally does so to prevent their spouse from getting the resources they are legally entitled to and will need to be financially stable after divorce.

While asset dissipation is not present in every case, it does happen. It can be especially common when a spouse is committing infidelity. A cheating spouse will often spend money on their new partner instead of their spouse and children.

Uncovering And Addressing Marital Waste

If you suspect your spouse has been deliberately dissipating assets, it’s crucial to act swiftly. As your property division attorney, Stuart N. House, P.A., will delve into the matter, investigating any questionable activity and working tirelessly to ensure that your interests are safeguarded. He is adept at filing the necessary motions to freeze bank accounts and secure other assets until the resolution of your divorce.

A Trusted Ally In Asset Division

Having a reliable attorney by your side is invaluable when fighting for your rightful marital property. Stuart House has a proven track record of being a steadfast supporter of his clients. Whether it is through meetings, phone calls or emails, he is always available to provide the legal support and guidance required to secure your assets and future.

Securing Your Financial Future

The division of assets is a pivotal element of any divorce. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a fair share of the marital property, free from the concerns of asset dissipation. Trust in attorney House’s experience and commitment to fight for your rights and pave the way to a stable financial future.

Ready To Assist You

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach and are concerned your spouse will leave you with nothing to build your new life with. Contact Stuart N. House, P.A., to discuss how he can assist in safeguarding your assets and securing a just resolution to your divorce proceedings. Call 754-732-7482 or email the firm to schedule a consultation.