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Legal Guidance For Same-Sex Marriage Issues Across Florida

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 2015’s Obergfell v. Hodges case legalized gay marriage across the nation. The ruling resulted in legalized same-sex marriage across Florida, a state that previously banned same-sex marriages.

Unfortunately, with the advent of same-sex marriages comes the unfortunate reality of same-sex divorce.

At Stuart N. House, P.A., you will find an attorney familiar with same-sex divorce. Same-sex couples may face unique challenges when filing for a divorce, so seeking an attorney who understands LGBTQ+ law in Florida is essential. Attorney House has the experience to help you approach your same-sex divorce case confidently.

What Challenges Do Same-Sex Couples Face During Divorce?

Same-sex couples in Florida who engage in the divorce process face many challenges, some of which they share with heterosexual couples and others that are unique to same-sex partnerships:

  • Child custody and support. In many same-sex marriages, children shared by the couple are not directly related to either party. This can cause issues when establishing paternity or determining custody if both parties are not already listed as legal parents for any children they share.
  • Alimony. Alimony, or spousal support, is a common point of contention during a divorce. In the alimony process, the court attempts to ensure each party enjoys the same standard of living post-divorce they possessed during their marriage. Frequently, the length of the marriage plays a role in the alimony process. For same-sex couples who have been together for a long period of time but only recently married, this can result in unfair alimony judgments for the party seeking alimony.
  • Property division. During property division, the court divides marital assets among the parties in a way they consider equitable. For same-sex couples who have cohabited for a long period of time but only recently became married, defining which assets are “marital” can be challenging.

Helping Same-Sex Couples Navigate The Divorce Process

Attorney Stuart N. House is a highly experienced lawyer who understands the dynamics of personal relationships and the legal mechanisms that recognize those relationships under Florida family law. He can assist you in understanding and tackling the challenges same-sex couples often face when initiating the divorce process in Florida.

If you are currently engaged in a same-sex marriage and need a same-sex divorce attorney, Mr. House can also help you ensure your marriage is fair and equitable for both parties. Knowing in advance who will keep the house, the dog, the retirement fund, and other assets can bring clarity and peace of mind to anyone involved in a committed domestic partnership.

A free consultation with a Fort Lauderdalesame-sex divorce lawyer is just a call (or click) away! For an attorney who will give your case the care and compassion it deserves, reach out online or via phone at 754-732-7482.