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When couples enter committed relationships, they often want legal recognition for that relationship. In Florida, the best way to do this, short of marriage, is to enter a domestic partnership recognized by your municipality.

At his Fort Lauderdale law firm, Stuart N. House, P.A., Mr. House will use his over 30 years of knowledge working as a domestic partnership attorney to help you understand the ins and outs of domestic partnerships.

The Requirements For Domestic Partnerships In Florida

Regardless of a couple’s sexual orientation, a domestic partnership can provide some legal recognition that the relationship is indeed “real.” It also enables partners to enter into cohabitation agreements that can define their financial and personal obligations.

There are a few requirements for establishing a domestic partnership in Florida:

  • Both parties must be 18 and unrelated to each other by blood.
  • Neither can be married or engaged in another domestic partnership.
  • Both must consider each other immediate family.
  • Both parties must cohabit in a residence together.
  • Both parties must declare each other their healthcare surrogate and agent.
  • Both parties must agree to notify Florida officials if they decide to terminate the partnership.

The Benefits Of A Domestic Partnership

Couples engaged in a domestic partnership experience the following benefits:

  • Both parties have visitation rights if the other becomes hospitalized, and both parties can help their partner make healthcare decisions or have input in medical care.
  • Both parties qualify as family members for legal purposes.
  • If the parties share children, they both have the right to participate in the lives of those children and make decisions concerning matters such as healthcare and education.
  • If one party becomes incarcerated, the other will visit the correctional facility the incarcerated party is housed in.

Although domestic partners do not receive all the same benefits as a married couple, a domestic partnership is an excellent way for two parties to legally establish their relationship without marriage’s constraints.

The validity of a domestic partnership depends on the municipality or county within which you reside. The domestic partnership may no longer be valid if you establish a domestic partnership in your county or municipality and move to another county or state.

As a general rule, most counties, municipalities, and states that recognize domestic partnerships recognize domestic partnerships from other areas as valid. If you’re considering moving or vacationing to another area and wonder if your domestic partnership will remain valid, you should contact a lawyer.

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