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Florida ranks third in divorce, with Florida’s family courts processing roughly 50,000 divorce filings each year. More than 15 percent of the state’s population is divorced or separated. In South Florida, high-asset divorces involving individuals with very high net worth are commonplace.

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Common Challenges During a High-Asset Divorce

When involved in a divorce case, individuals in Broward County who are famous or have a high net worth are usually considered high-stakes clients.

During a divorce, courts try and ensure both parties maintain the same standard of living post-divorce they enjoyed while married. Often, this means parties in high-asset divorce cases run into unique challenges during the divorce process:

  • Child support and custody. Many high-asset couples with children provide specific amenities for their children, such as nannies, private schooling, tutors, extracurricular activities, and study-abroad opportunities. If one party mostly pays for these items, the court may factor that information into a child support arrangement. As a result, the higher-income individual in a high-asset divorce may find themself facing a high child support bill. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you fight for your parental rights and financial freedom.
  • Spousal support. In high-asset divorces where one party makes the majority of the money, alimony disputes often turn contentious—particularly in divorces where one spouse is accused of committing an act such as adultery that could affect the alimony arrangement. When alimony disputes occur, courts consider various factors, resulting in either party feeling as though the spousal support arrangement dictated by the court is unfair.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Many high-asset individuals use prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect their assets. Determining the veracity of these agreements can be difficult, and their presence can complicate the divorce process.
  • Property division. During a divorce, courts attempt to divide marital property equitably between parties. Property division disputes can get ugly quickly in a high-asset divorce where the property at stake is valuable and frequently worth a considerable sum.
  • Businesses and investments. Frequently, high-asset individuals have precious non-property assets, such as a business they share, a shared investment portfolio, or a joint bank account. Some high-net-worth couples may also share significant liabilities in the form of debts or other financial difficulties. Evaluating these assets and ensuring each party gets an equitable judgment from the court can be complicated.

For all these reasons, high-asset divorces can be challenging for courts. The number of complications that arise in high-asset divorces also makes it vital for high-network parties to invest in a divorce attorney they can trust to pursue their best interests in the courtroom.

Is Privacy Possible for High Net-Worth Individuals?

For parties involved in a high-stakes divorce in Fort Lauderdale, privacy and discretion are likely to be especially important. Prominent business owners may be concerned about publicizing specific financial information. Even spouses who are not as well known but are divorcing high net worth or otherwise famous individuals may wish to part ways with their spouse with as little publicity as possible.

In a high-asset case, there is a greater possibility of previously private financial and personal information becoming fodder for public conversation. However, hiring an experienced high-asset divorce attorney who prioritizes discretion may help individuals preserve more private details of their lives in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

What About Pre-Suit Settlements

Like divorces among everyday people in Fort Lauderdale, high-asset individuals may settle issues pre-suit. Most experienced divorce attorneys will discuss pre-suit settlements in virtually all high-stakes cases. In addition to saving time and expense by avoiding a lengthy battle in court, a pre-suit settlement also offers the advantage of privacy as negotiation outside of court.

While a pre-suit settlement provides considerable benefits, some cases require immediate action and cannot be negotiated before filing in court. Cases that involve urgent child-related issues can require a court appearance and cannot be settled pre-trial. In some situations, a spouse may require court-ordered injunctive relief to prevent the other party from hiding assets or divesting marital funds. Therefore, high-stakes divorce lawyers must carefully consider the nature of the divorce to determine the plausibility of negotiating and settling before proceeding to court.

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