Carefully Safeguarding Your Rights and Interests

Planning For A Divorce With Legal Guidance

Divorce is a difficult matter to approach. It can be especially laborious and physically – and mentally taxing if you do not have a strategy. Without the right approach for your divorce, you could end up in a long and expensive battle with your spouse.

At Stuart N. House, P.A., founding attorney Stuart House wants to prepare you for your divorce. For more than 30 years as a Florida attorney, he has leveraged his legal acumen to make sure that his Fort Lauderdale clients’ rights are protected both inside and outside the courtroom.

What You Need To Gather For Your Divorce

You can start your divorce off on the right foot with some good preparations. You will need to gather some documents that will be relevant to your case, including:

  • Home deeds
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Inventory of assets
  • Debt statements
  • Tax returns

Gathering all of these documents can be intimidating. Attorney House will work closely with you to help ensure you have all of the right information for a smooth divorce.

What Other Steps You Should Take

Life is going to be a lot different after your divorce. You may need to make certain financial sacrifices. Consider talking to a financial planner to discuss lifestyle changes and letting go of property that you can no longer afford to keep.

If you have children, then you will need to learn about your child custody options. Start by thinking about what sort of arrangements will help your children thrive, and lean on attorney House for information about how custody works.

Finally, make sure that you reach out to others to build a support team. Friends, family members and therapists can help you process the changes in your life and get through this.

Why You Should Seek A Divorce Lawyer

Florida divorce laws are very complex. Attorney House at Stuart N. House, P.A., has years of experience helping people in your situation. Call today at 754-732-7482 or send him an email to start a consultation.