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Often, fathers going through the divorce process feel that Florida law places them at a distinct disadvantage. While it is true that unless or until a father’s paternity over a child is established, whether by the presumption of marriage or by a separate paternity decree where the parents are unmarried, he has no rights with respect to that child, once paternity is not an issue, father’s rights are not sub-ordinate, under the law to mother’s rights. Sometimes the perception that Florida law does not adequately protect father’s rights is a function of a party either litigating important parenting issues either without counsel, or with counsel that is not equipped with the necessary skills and experience to zealously advance and safeguard the father’s rights in Parkland and Coral Springs.

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Florida courts recognize the importance of a father’s role in his children’s life, but it is advisable to have competent counsel to ensure that role is effectively established and preserved. Fathers and alleged fathers in Broward County turn to attorney Stuart N. House, P.A., for dedicated, professional and experienced legal guidance in a variety of family law matters. Whether you are going through a divorce or have been ordered to take a paternity test, our lawyer can assist you and protect your rights.

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Since 1991, Mr. House has protected the rights of fathers and alleged fathers. He will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and determine the most advisable course of action given your specific situation.


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Coral Springs fathers’ rights attorney Stuart N. House, P.A. has more than two decades of legal experience. In that time, he has seen many changes in family structures and the roles that fathers want to play in the lives of their children. The laws have changed as well and mothers are no longer assumed to be the most appropriate caregivers.

If you are a father who is going through a divorce, you probably have questions and concerns regarding the child custody and visitation schedule. Our law firm can ensure that your rights are protected as the custody arrangements are worked out and that you are awarded as much quality time with your child or children as possible.

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We also handle paternity actions to establish the identities of the biological parents. The father may obtain custody rights as well as be ordered to pay child support as a direct result of a paternity test. Our firm can help you through the process of DNA testing and the legal requirements that you must meet if it is established that you are the father. Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation at our Coral Springs or Parkland office. Our divorce lawyers for men represent clients throughout Broward County.

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