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Tips for telling your ex you would like to relocate with the kids

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Child Custody

It is easy to find helpful information about a co-parent wanting to relocate with the children, but what if you are the one who wants to move with the kids? Perhaps you have a new job opportunity or want to be closer to an aging relative.

Whatever your reasons, broaching this topic with your ex is sure to be challenging for you and them. Below are some tips to consider using when planning to talk with your co-parent about relocating.

Know the law

In Florida, parents have no right to move with their kids more than 50 miles away from their current residence without court approval. Even if your co-parent agrees, you must ask the court for permission to relocate your children. Before you speak with your ex, learn as much as possible about Florida’s relocation requirements.

Choose the right time

You may not be together anymore, but you probably know enough about your ex to predict how they may react to your proposal. Use this knowledge to plan how you will initiate the discussion. For example, pick a time when you believe your co-parent will be calm and perhaps receptive to change.

Prepare for the conversation

Make a plan that helps you explain why you want to relocate, and be ready to address any questions or concerns your ex may have. It can also help to present a proposed time-sharing schedule that gives your co-parent fair time with the children regardless of your living arrangements.

Be open to compromise

There is always a chance that your ex will not agree with your plans. However, do not discount the possibility that you can negotiate the matter and perhaps reach a compromise that satisfies everyone.

Legal guidance may help in such negotiations and open a path to other options.