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What should you consider during property division?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Divorce

People who are going through a divorce have a lot to think about. One of the pressing matters involves how they will handle property division. This process involves splitting up marital property and debts. 

There are many things you’ll need to consider if you’re going through this process. Considering these tips may help. 

Know the value of your assets

Before you ever step foot in property division negotiations, you need to know the value of your marital assets. This includes anything you obtained during the marriage, with very few exceptions. Knowing the value of everything gives you an idea of how the division may go. From there, it’s likely best to start with bigger assets. Then, you can use the smaller assets and debts to balance things out. 

Determine what to do with debts

Martial debts can chip away at a significant portion of your assets. There are two ways that debts can be handled. They can be divided between the parties, or assets can be sold to pay off debts as part of the property division process. The downside to splitting debts to pay off is that one party’s credit will be impacted if the other party doesn’t uphold their responsibility to pay. Creditors don’t have to abide by the property division agreement. 

Keep emotions out of the process

It’s easy to let your emotions rule some property division decisions, but doing so can work against you. Before you go into the first session, carefully consider how each option is going to impact your finances. If you know you can’t comfortably pay for a certain asset’s expenses, you shouldn’t fight to keep that asset. Instead, you should recognize that your financial stability is where your focus should be. 

Ultimately, you must do what you feel is best for your future. This isn’t always easy to determine, but seeking legal guidance and remaining focused can help you to make informed, thoughtful decisions.