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The key to co-parenting success

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Child Custody

You and your former spouse decided to divorce. The process has concluded, and it’s time to move onto the next chapter of your lives. For some former couples, this simply means going their separate ways. For parents who share minor children, it isn’t quite that simple. Your romantic relationship may have broken down but you’ll likely still need to work together as a co-parenting team.

It can benefit all parties to build a stable co-parenting relationship. Outlined below are a few important tips for co-parenting success.

Be accessible

Communication is arguably the most important factor in successful co-parenting relationships. Typically, both parents will have the right to be involved in major decisions involving their child, such as healthcare and relocating. Even if you find your ex difficult to deal with at times, it’s important to be accessible. Not knowing what is going on with your child can be a cause of frustration and potential legal disputes. Try to take a professional, rather than personal, approach when communicating with your ex. This can help to better ensure that tempers remain calm.

Flexibility can go a long way

While any custody agreement you have in place is legally binding, there is often room for some flexibility while still honoring the terms of the arrangement. For instance, if it’s your child’s birthday, you may choose to spend it all together as long as you can remain civil, at least for a few hours.

Keep the children out of disagreements

It’s only natural for disputes to arise sometimes. How you deal with them as co-parents is what matters. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is let the children overhear any arguments. Children have a habit of blaming themselves when their parents argue.

A suitable custody arrangement can be the foundation for a successful co-parenting relationship. Don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance at any time as you and your co-parent try to move forward in healthy ways.