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Can one spouse refuse to allow a divorce to proceed in Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2023 | Divorce

Have you ever seen someone in a movie or TV show telling their spouse that they will never allow them to get a divorce? Although this is incorrect, many people believe one spouse can legally deny a divorce.

For the record, in Florida and other states, a spouse cannot stop a divorce that the other spouse desires. The law does not generally force anyone to stay in an unhappy marriage against their will.

Watch out for delay tactics

When both spouses are not on the same page about an ailing marriage, one may choose to argue against or contest the divorce. While this does not stop it from happening, it could increase your divorce costs and slow the process. Often, in the minds of those opposing divorce, slowing or delaying it is the next best thing to stopping it altogether.

Common tactics used to slow a divorce:

  • Refusing to participate
  • Requesting a continuance
  • Filing excessive motions and requests
  • Changing pre-made verbal agreements
  • Raising false allegations (child abuse, etc.)
  • Ignoring requests to sign necessary documents

These strategies do not just delay the legal process of divorcing–they lead to more expenses, stress and anxiety.

Guidance helps you anticipate delay tactics

Florida divorce representatives have seen and heard it all. They know what strategies reluctant spouses use to stall an unwanted divorce and how to prevent many delays from arising. In turn, ensuring your divorce flows as quickly and seamlessly as possible will save you heartache and money.

Consider seeking additional information about Florida divorce laws to determine how to proceed with your case. In situations involving delay tactics, it is important to protect your marital property rights.