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What should a good parenting plan include?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Child Custody

Florida requires divorcing parents to create a parenting plan. It should outline how you will share responsibilities for their children.

While you might be tempted to skimp on this and work things out as you go along, state law makes detailing certain things mandatoryHere are some of them:

A timetable for time spent with the children

This could be pretty simple, such as the kids spending every Monday to Thursday with you and every Friday to Sunday with their other parent. You could stick rigidly to that routine every week, yet it is usually better to take account of special dates in the calendar.

For example, your child might want to see both of you on their birthday. They might not be happy if they do not get to spend Christmas with one of you for several years running, and vacations could be complicated if you only get your child three days a week without exception.

Means of communication

Do you want your co-parent ringing you up at all hours of the day to ask you something related to your child or to ask you to pass the phone to your child? Probably not. Now that you will be living separate lives, you need to set some boundaries regarding communication. Otherwise, you could end up annoying each other by calling at inopportune moments.

If things between you are difficult, you might want to cut out phone calls altogether and agree to stick to emails or messages via parenting apps.

These are just two of several things you are obligated to include in a Florida parenting plan. Seek legal help to discover more.