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AVVO Testimonials

Stuart N. House, P.A. Has A 10.0 ‘Superb’ Rating by AVVO

The following testimonials appear verbatim on Mr. House’s AVVO profile:

Simply the BEST!

“I hired Stuart to settle my divorce of my long-term marriage. Stuart is a great professional attorney. A great person. He supported me the whole way through the difficult process. He helped win a very agreeable settlement. I recommend Stuart House as the best Family, Divorce & Separation attorney there is. Thank you Stuart.”

Peace of mind!

“I hired Stuart a few years ago to work on a complex custody matter…he is just incredible! Needless to say, I am very pleased with the work that he’s done. I echo what all the five star ratings have already pointed out! I would absolutely recommend Stuart House.”

Stuart house review

“I was really broken up with going thru a divorce, and Stuart was the best. I was more than satisfied with the results, and can highly recommend Mr. House.”

So Helpful!

“Stuart answered my call and even though I had a simple question, he took the time to listen and respond. I know I will be in need of his service in the future and will absolutely contact him first! Thank you again Stuart Nelson!”

The Dave Mallouk Review

“Stuart was prompt and efficient in my divorce matter and unlike many men, I came out with my fair share. I couldn’t have asked for more. He was extremely reasonable in his fees and made himself available to me ever since my decree became final. I would recommend Stuart in any family related legal matter.”

Highly recommended

“Stuart is one of the best attorneys practicing law today. He went above and beyond to make sure that in my child custody case, I was represented accurately and honestly. His knowledge and abilities are second to no one. I would say that he’s one of the best in his field. I would not have gotten custody of my child without him.”

Not like other lawyers…..This man has integrity

“When you hear the word Lawyer nice things do not always come to mind…you think of the money they will make running up your bill, you think of all the calls that go unanswered by staff that do not care or who are nasty and give you the run around. To some lawyers and staff your case is just another case and a way they make money. Most lawyers have no honor or integrity and use every legal means to drag your case out. Is this how you are feeling, I know I use to.

If you are reading this your are wondering about Stuart House…WONDER NO MORE!! Mr. House is a lawyer with high integrity. He fights your case like you were part of his own family. You are a priority to him as I found out as a man going for custody of my daughter. In my case he fought for my daughter and won as if she were his own daughter he was fighting for. He is a lawyer who believes in fairness, and being the best educated in his craft. He knows how to move your case along as best as possible in today’s legal system making it a priority, in turn saving you money and time. His staff actually cares and helps when you call.

Now when I think of Layer I think of Mr. House, a lawyer/man who has your back through hard times. A lawyer with honor, integrity, and the determination and education you need to win!! WONDER NO MORE, YOU JUST FOUND YOUR LAWYER…call him he will help!!”

A+ Attorney

“Mr. House is professional, trustworthy and reliable. He was always available to take my calls and answered any questions I had. If he wasn’t available he would always return my calls promptly. Mr. House helped me on my case on more than one occasion with positive outcomes. I would highly recommend Mr. Stuart House.”

Best Attorney in Broward

“Stuart has been my attorney since September of 2013, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He has gone above and beyond to help fight what is right for my child. He is very straight forward and gives the best advice, Stuart also is also a very knowledgeable attorney. Stuart is a very understanding man, has compassion and really takes pride in his cases, he has done such a great job in my divorce case, and I couldn’t be any happier. Awesome attorney

If I would ever need another attorney, his number would be the first one I call!”

High Conflict Custody Case

“Stuart House is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney who has the best interests of his clients in mind. He is straight forward and did his best to guide me while not making assumptions. Stuart and his staff are courteous, compassionate, informative, honest, and fair.

I hired him to represent me in a high conflict custody case that involved child abuse and neglect. He knew how to handle a difficult opposing counsel and their client. He had the right approach to help me keep my children safe from the abuse. I am forever grateful for what he has done for me and my two children.

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney that is experienced with high conflict custody matters.”

A Very Pleased Client

“Family law can become overwhelming and emotional, so it’s important to have an attorney that understands the dynamic of your case and that can find a healthy balance between compassion and professionalism.

I couldn’t have chosen a better attorney to represent me. Stuart House is professional and compassionate. He took the time to learn all the necessary details of my case, and maintained his professionalism at all times. It was evident from the moment we walked into the courtroom that the judge respected him. And trust me, you want an attorney that the judges respect.

Mr. House helped me get my child back, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Review of Stuart Nelson House

“Stuart is an outstanding lawyer, his attention to detail and followup set him apart from other attorneys I have used in the past. Stuart represented me in a very tough case that I had been fighting for 5 years. I fired my other attorney after years of little or no progress and hired Stuart. Stuart is a lawyers – lawyer. Stuart is a fighter and if he is representing you he will fight for you and he takes things personally. He is tough with his opponents and compassionate with his clients.

Stuarts professional yet amiable manner makes him ideally suited for family law.

I highly recommend Stuart House.”