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Our Coral Springs divorce lawyers serve clients throughout Broward County: Margate, Parkland, Coconut Creek.

Since 1991, the The Coral Springs divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Stuart N. House, P.A. provide high-quality representation to family law clients in Broward County and the rest of South Florida, offering top-notch representation in matters of divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, alimony and spousal support.

When facing an issue that may require the assistance of a family lawyer, choosing a knowledgeable, experienced attorney is critical. The best Coral Springs divorce attorney is well-versed in the family intricacies of divorce and family law. You not only need an attorney who is knowledgeable and competent, but compassionate, with the drive and determination to fight for your rights.

Our team understands the sensitivity that is involved in making decisions that directly affect your family. We strive to obtain the best possible outcome for your specific situation. All family law matters are of great importance to us, and we understand that each client could respond differently to the stress that is often involved with legal proceedings. In addition to providing thorough representation, we help each client understand the court process while we simultaneously gather important facts that are relevant to the case.

Why choose the Law Office of Stuart N. House, P.A.?

Our family law experience spans more than two decades. As our client, you will receive personalized, attentive service in addition to exceptional representation. Our guiding principles are designed to facilitate a strong attorney-client relationship by adhering to the following objectives:

  • Establishing and maintaining open and honest communication from the outset
  • Respecting your time by acting with an appropriate sense of urgency
  • Remaining sensitive to your individual situation
  • Identifying key elements of your case while exhibiting empathy and compassion
  • Employing an efficient solution to resolve your case in a manner that is cost-effective

When parents face divorce and child custody hearings, emotions tend to run high, tempers are more likely to be short and stress may seem unavoidable. The experienced, professional Coral Springs divorce attorneys at our law firm will mitigate these feelings by delivering consistently calm, rational representation when you need it most. While based in Coral Springs, we serve clients throughout Broward County, including Parkland, Margate and Coconut Creek.

Hiring a Coral Springs divorce lawyer for dissolution of marriage

In Florida, a divorce may only be granted if one of two conditions are met: (1) the marriage must be irretrievably broken, or (2) one of the parties must be incapacitated. The divorcing parties must present evidence at a hearing to prove that at least one of the two required conditions has been met. If the case does not involve minors and if neither party denies the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court usually will order for dissolution of the marriage. Otherwise, the court could take further action, thus making the divorce proceedings more complex.

An experienced attorney would be able to help bring clarity from the moment a client considers filing for divorce. Expert divorce lawyers are better able to assess all available options and present them to the client in a manner that is clear and relatable. In addition, having legal counsel could help clients better understand which actions are necessary to increase the likelihood of achieving their desired outcome. A Coral Springs family lawyer is able to view the legal issues objectively and leverage their perspective to advocate for their clients more effectively than those who choose to self-represent.

Hiring a Coral Springs family attorney for child custody proceedings

Florida has implemented policies to ensure that minors have frequent and continuing contact with each parent after divorce or separation. In most cases, each party would retain full parental rights. Both parties may agree on how responsibilities would be assigned, or the court may order each parent to be responsible for specific aspects of the child’s welfare — including healthcare, dental needs, religion and education.

Child custody issues often are extremely sensitive cases. Therefore, it is typically within both parties’ favor to hire legal counsel to help them properly follow the necessary procedure while navigating though such an emotional and stressful event. Spouses who are also filing for marriage dissolution may have their Coral Springs divorce attorney represent them in child custody proceedings. Along with determining each parent’s set of rights and responsibilities, Florida courts also ensure that both parents attend a mandatory parenting course prior to entering final dissolution of the marriage. Having a knowledgeable Coral Springs family attorney by your side could help parties verify that they have completed the correct class that is mandated for their specific situation by their particular jurisdiction.

Effective Coral Springs family lawyers make a difference

Family courts use the best-interests-of-the-child standard when deciding parental issues. However, in many aspects, family law judges have broad powers of discretion. Therefore, cases often are decided based on the party that is more favored by the judge’s discretionary power. For this reason, parties must choose a highly skilled, knowledgeable advocate to articulately present their case before the court. At the Law Office of Stuart N. House, P.A., our approach generally includes efforts to mediate by agreement wherever feasible and advisable. Nevertheless, we are always prepared to zealously represent you in the courtroom when necessary to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

Contact a Coral Springs divorce attorney for a free consultation

No matter what family law issue you face, the Law Office of Stuart N. House, P.A. is prepared to advise and represent you and to work tirelessly to find a resolution to your case. Please call (954) 255-7400 or contact us to request a free consultation at his Coral Springs office. He represents clients throughout Broward County, including Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate and Coconut Creek. Our courteous team looks forward to hearing how we may assist you.


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