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Stuart N. House, P.A. | Family & Divorce Law
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Solving Divorce Matters With Skill And Dedication

You deserve to work with an attorney who cares.

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How Can Attorney Stuart N. House Help?


Attorney House has spent years honing his strategies and guidance in divorce cases. He can help you resolve even the toughest legal issues.


Attorney House takes pride in his commitment to his clients. He will work diligently until you’re satisfied with your result.


Attorney House has helped people navigate divorce for decades. He has the knowledge to help you solve your problems and find a solution that works.

The Help And Guidance You Need

Feeling alone or confused facing a divorce? You’ve come to the right place.

Legal matters are especially delicate when they involve your family and your livelihood. You deserve to work with an attorney who will listen and truly understand your needs.

Attorney Stuart N. House has spent decades working in family law and divorce. He knows how difficult these cases are and has the skills necessary to help you resolve them, so you can feel more at peace and move forward with your life.

Schedule a free initial consultation to meet with Mr. House and find out how he can develop a comprehensive legal strategy tailored to your needs, designed to help you find a successful resolution. You can also set up an appointment online and virtually.

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Client Testimonial

“My Divorce process was long and stressful and my kids had to face so much turmoil. Stuart being a family man first put the best interest of my kids first and demanded to see a righteous end to my ordeal. Stuart didn’t make crazy promises but assured me If we stay the course he will help prove my case. He secured my future with my kids and was able to save me from paying alimony when half my income was being threatened. Divorce was not easy but I had the right man with me at the end!”

– Damien A., former client

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