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Paternity law and DNA testing are intended to protect the best interests of the child and ensure that each parent’s rights are given due respect under the law. Whether you are a biological mother seeking to establish paternity for child support purposes, or you are the father or alleged father in a paternity action in Coral Springs of Parkland, our attorneys will work to protect your rights.

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Actions to establish paternity

Our law firm handles paternity actions on behalf of:

Biological mothers have the right to file a paternity action immediately after the child is born and can seek to collect back support for a period of up to two years prior to filing. A paternity action can either be brought by the state or as a private action. Our attorney will guide you through the process, providing you with the information and advocacy you need to protect your rights and the best interests of your child.

Attorney Stuart N. House has been involved in several hundred paternity cases as a Florida Support Enforcement Prosecutor. He understands the law and knows what it takes to obtain the best possible results in court on your behalf.


How fathers can challenge paternity

Our attorneys are experienced in representing both biological mothers as well as alleged fathers in paternity actions. If you are the alleged father in Parkland or Coral Springs, it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights. If you do not challenge paternity at the outset, you may be barred from doing so later, and you may be liable for future long-term child support obligations.

If paternity is erroneously adjudicated against you, it can cost you substantial sums of money over the long term. Coral Springs paternity lawyer Stuart House will take immediate effective action to protect your rights and impose appropriate challenge to wrongfully determined support obligations.

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