5 Mistakes to Avoid After Filing for Divorce

When going through a divorce, there are certain errors more than a few men have made that could have very serious consequences. By choosing a qualified, experienced family lawyer in Parkland, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of making these five divorce mistakes:

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1. Neglecting children

Parental rights are often the most hotly contested issue in divorce cases. In addition to determining the extent of each parent's custodial rights, the court must also determine how parents should divide everyday expenses that contribute to the child's welfare including food, clothing, housing, medical care, education, activities and hobbies. As an attempt to distance themselves from their spouse, men sometimes also withdraw from their children's lives by not contributing financial or emotional support. This tremendous error usually has a direct impact on the court's impression as judges consider the extent of the parent's knowledge and involvement in the child's life.

2. Ignoring court orders

Judgments, orders, and decrees issued by family court judges are all considered legally binding, which means they must be followed by each party as directed. With exception of failure to pay support obligations, police are not likely to show up and arrest a party who does not comply with a court order. However, the other party may file an enforcement motion with the court, and the judge may take action to force the non-compliant party to comply. Penalties may include income withholding, unfavorable adjustments to parental visitation and custodial orders, payment of the other side’s attorney fees, and contempt of court charges.

3. Keeping sloppy financial records

Record keeping is of the utmost importance as courts use the parties' records and documents when considering their case. Not only does poor record keeping make a negative impression on the judge, but incomplete records may be missing vital information that can be critical in achieving the desired outcome. Administrative tasks such as making changes to deeds and car titles should also be given high priority as failure to do so could allow unnecessary ownership disputes to arise in the future.

4. Waiting for the spouse to file

Often, the side of the story the judge hears first would create more of a lasting impression. By filing first, you would be able to tell your story and make your requests without the immediate task of clarifying or refuting points of disagreement between you and your spouse. Filing first can also create a better sense of being in control of how you present yourself to the court.

5. Failing to adequately prepare for court

Divorce can be devastating. Therefore, you may feel inclined to ignore your case or take a less involved approach because you simply do not want to deal with the process. Avoidance is a cardinal mistake as your presentation and degree of preparedness could directly affect your ability to prevail in your case. If you're going through a divorce in Parkland, you are not alone. Our divorce lawyers can help you approach every step of the process feeling prepared and able to project the professional image you need when appearing before the court.


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