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Florida’s alimony laws have changed recently. The news law enacts a statute codifying what constitutes a “long-term” marriage for purposes of permanent alimony. Discrepancies existed among district courts, but the new law has provided universal guidelines defining length of marriage as follows:

  • short-term: less than seven years
  • moderate-term: greater than seven but less than 17 years
  • long-term: 17 years or greater

At Stuart N. House, P.A., we work diligently to protect your rights as you go through the divorce process. Since 1991, our law firm has focused exclusively family law matters, including complex alimony cases.

Coral Springs FL alimony attorney Stuart N. House, P.A.

Types of Alimony

A family court judge will decide whether to award alimony (spousal maintenance) based upon the specific facts of your divorce. They may include the length of your marriage, your past work experience, the health of both parties, and other factors. In Florida, a judge may choose from several different types of alimony when rendering a decision:

  • permanent alimony: Awarded in connection with long-term marriages where there exists both sufficient need and ability to pay. It may be awarded in marriages of moderate duration, and under exceptional circumstances – even in short-term marriages.
  • bridge-the-gap alimony: Designed to help a former spouse get back on their feet after a divorce. A judge may award this in a shorter-term marriage where there has been a significant income disparity, such that one party would be relatively impoverished without temporary help.
  • durational alimony: May be awarded in a moderate or short-term marriage where permanent, periodic alimony is inappropriate, and bridge-the-gap alimony is insufficient.
  • rehabilitative alimony: Intended for spouses who did not undertake career advancement because they got married, but who may have the ability to re-enter the workforce and substantially contribute to their own support with further education or training.

While it is not common, a “lump sum alimony” payment may be ordered under certain circumstances. Unlike child support, there are no guidelines to determine the amount of alimony. Consequently, alimony issues can be quite difficult to resolve without a skilled and seasoned family lawyer to assist you.

Enforcement and Contempt

After a divorce is finalized, you may find it necessary to enforce the terms of your original support or order of custody. Stuart N. House, P.A. has handled cases where a spouse who should receive alimony finds that the other party has voluntarily become unemployed or under-employed in an effort to avoid paying alimony. This voluntary action is designed to deprive a party of his or her just entitlements and must be met with appropriate responsive action.

Our Coral Springs alimony lawyers provide solutions to individuals and families facing the additional stresses of another party’s failure to comply with a court order. We aggressively work towards successful results in enforcement and contempt cases involving child support orders, visitation rights, alimony and spousal support payments.

Stuart N. House, P.A. has handled hundreds of alimony cases. He was a former support enforcement prosecutor for the State of Florida and uses that experience to yield the results your family deserve.


Learn more about the new alimony and custody laws, as they pertain to divorce cases in Florida, courtesy of ABC Action News:


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